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Overview – The Department of Precision Engineering

The Department of Precision Engineering, The University of Tokyo has a long and remarkable history since1886. Leading cutting-edge education and research related to precision engineering are carried out, while international academics consisting of students and researchers are brought together and honed to create an expanding network of sought-after experts.

Precision Engineering discusses methodologies on the approach to targets rather than the physical objects themselves. The department handles an extensive range of advanced technology from information devices to manufacturing technology and services in order to create a sustainable society based on harmony between man, resources, and the environment. Founded on the basic disciplines of mechanical physics, mathematical information, and measurement and control, the department promotes education and research on production science and the synthesis of products and services, as well as intelligent and robotic systems and biomedical devices.

Research fields

Research fields
  1. The development of fundamental technology for production science, such as precision measurement, precision machining, microsystems, biomedical devices, mechatronics, and design and production systems.
  2. Research into methodologies on the synthesis of intelligent machines, information and knowledge systematization for products, services, and their production processes.
  3. Application of the above to manufacturing, biomedical fields, and service systems.